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Leading Provider of Capital Management Solutions for the Public Sector 

DigiCentury is not only an innovator at providing cutting-edge business IT solutions, but also a leading provider for the public sectors.  The CIPPlanner Corporation team has been providing Capital Program Management (CPM) solutions for the Public Sector (cities, municipalities, and government agencies) and Fortune 500 corporations since 1998. Our involvement with Capital Program Management began in 2000 with the development of a customized solution for the City of Fremont, California which was then delivered in early 2001. This product has now evolved into what is currently known as CIPAce™, a comprehensive Enterprise Application designed specifically for the Public Sector, embedding the best practices from research of more than one hundred Capital Improvement and Maintenance Programs from government agencies. 

In the summer of 2006, the company developed CIPAccess™, as the CIP planning and management solution. In addition, the company established a CPM Business Practice, the consulting arm of CIPPlanner Corporation to work with government agencies in optimizing their abilities to meet the public’s needs. These offerings enable CIPPlanner Corporation to address the needs of the public sector from the small village or town to the Mega metropolis. 

While the foundation of CPM is planning and managing the overall portfolio of capital programs for the city/municipality, a successful CPM requires the ability to consider, evaluate, plan, and manage the budgets that will support these programs and the infrastructure designed to manage them. CIPPlanner’s Budget Management Solutions (BMS), CAPAce™ and OPAce™ have been designed to provide the tools required to manage both the Capital and Operating Budgets. 

In today’s environment where the complexities of planning and managing Capital Programs drive the need to be able to optimize the capital program portfolio and their attendant projects from a fiscal, resource and management perspective, solutions such as those provided by CIPPlanner Corporation provide the flexibility, scalability and functionality needed by municipalities and government agencies to adapt and respond to the challenges confronting them in meeting the public‘s infrastructure needs. 

In the end, the Public are the focus of our city and municipality government agencies. This is the “community” that defines each of our cities, towns, and villages. They are the group who deserves the best “way of life” that their cities can provide CIPPlanner Corporation and its management team remain committed to continuing support of our municipalities’ efforts to meet the objective of improving our way of life.  It takes a village! 

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