About DigiCentury


Welcome to DigiCentury, Software for the Digital Century   

Founded in 1998 in the heart of the Silicon Valley, DigiCentury specializes in the development and maintenance of custom information technology solutions for all business needs.  With US project management office locations in San Jose, California and Phoenix, Arizona, and in-house software development center, we are able to provide our customers the benefit of Fortune 500 IT shop with small-mid business budget. 


Technical Infrastructure 

DigiCentury specializes in both the development of large-scale enterprise solutions and custom business software.  As Microsoft certified solution partner, we maintain and utilize the latest Microsoft software technology, infrastructure, and platform for all engineers and project managers.  DigiCentury’s proprietary Software Development Environment allows our engineers and project managers to simulate client’s production environment for solution development with zero impact to the actual production systems. 


DigiCentury employs the best and brightest software engineers.  Our software engineers come from different industries background with years of diverse experience.  Our engineers receive regular trainings on the latest technology advancements and are encouraged to utilize latest proven technologies.  All of DigiCentury’s project managers have years of experience both in technical and managerial positions.  We believe an effective IT project manager must be able to communicate effectively to the technical team and customers as well as business executives. 

Project Management 

DigiCentury takes the hassle of project development out of your hand by maintaining your entire project lifecycle.  From planning to budgeting, from development to testing, and from deployment to maintenance, we manage your entire project using proven project management process methodology by Project Management Institute and IT best practice processes.  We integrate your business process, culture, and schedule into our project lifecycle to ensure a seamless quality experience with maximum productivity to your business. 


We pride ourselves at DigiCentury for providing innovative and practical solutions to improve our client’s business processes.  With expertise in a wide-range of technical areas, we are able to integrate and streamline your existing system to achieve more efficient business processes for improved performance.  Solutions such as enterprise database solutions and programming, data warehousing, computer and telephony integration, custom imaging and document management solutions, business process management, and E-Commerce and E-Business solutions are just a few examples we can provide. 

Proven Track Record 

DigiCentury solutions are utilized by the large and small business.  Software applications that we developed are currently being deployed by the organizations such as City of San Francisco, City of Goodyear, US News & World Report, The Wall Street Journal, MonsterTRAK (part of the Monster network.), and NextStudent Inc. (4th largest student loan originator) and many government agencies.