Enterprise Communication Management (ECM)

The DigiCentury Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) system is the perfect solution for the automated outbound call center operation.  It manages outbound call database, resources, and campaigns performance. Most importantly, it interfaces into customer’s CRM system with status of calls including follow up call, do not call, and many customizable status and features.  Avaya integration Case Study 

The DigiCentury Workflow Processing solution provides an integrated business work flow management.  It identifies the critical work path, assigns resources and approvers in sequence.  However, the multiple work or job queues could be in parallel to achieve the maximum efficiency within a task or project. Workflow Case Study.

The DigiCentury Document Imaging Processing system streamlines the document chasing and collection.  With the help of OCR and dual screens displays, the productivity is quadruple.  The document splitting, merging, and consolidation processing is as easy as few mouse clicking. 

Customer Care Solution

The DigiCentury Customer Relation Management (CRM) system manages sales force to identify the potential target customers.  The U.S. map displays the location of the sales calls today or future plans.  The CRM calendar integrates MS Outlook with global and user level document repository.

The goal of Customer Care framework is to provide a unified view of sales, marketing and servicing the customers.  DigiCentury will redefine your customer experience and customize your Customer Care web based systems that aggregate, automate, and accelerate your business from self-services web front interaction to the core or legacy of line of business applications.

E-Commerce and E-Business

DigiCentury Consulting teams recognize the importance of total CRM-BI-ERP integration from Web front to the legacy systems.  Dash board and report analysis provide Business Intelligence to measure the enterprise E-Business planning and performance.

The DigiCentury Custom Landing Page system helps the company to generate web landing pages for the web traffic.  We build corporate website using the new Microsoft SharePoint 2007.

The DigiCentury Link Building/SEO team helps E-Commerce business to reach the high search ranking.  We will do the Search Engine Optimization research and solution based on your products and industry.

The DigiCentury Customized E-Signature/Credit decision solution help customer to reduce the paper work signing from hours or days to seconds.

Geographic Information System (GIS)

The DigiCentury Customer Relation Management (CRM) system identifies call data according to the customer locations on the map.  The interface to Microsoft Virtual Earth provides the both street and bird eye view of the customer location.  The trip planner facilitates sales person to draw the visit routes and directions with point of interests of food and lodgings.  We will be glad to customize your sales map.

The DigiCentury Capital Planning system (CIPAce) is capable of capturing, storing, analyzing, and displaying geographically referenced information regarding the specific project.  ESRI is the leading provider for Geographic Information System (GIS).  DigiCentury has strong partner relationship with ESRI.  By utilizing GIS mapping database, DigiCentury develops multiple array of decision-support tools for our government and private customers.

IT Technology – Outsource Development Center (ODC)

DigiCentury provides talent IT resources to help you to reduce the IT cost.  We have very competitive pricing to offer but the quality of the work is never compromised.  DigiCentury follows PMI project management practices and is CMMI Level 3 candidate and is committed to the continuous quality improvement.

DigiCentury is a Microsoft Dot Net company specializes in web application development.  We can transform your legacy system into state of art web application with APIs to interface with your trading partners.  Or, we can build the SEO friendly web front to interface seamlessly into the legacy system.

Leading Provider of Capital Management Solutions for the Public Sector 

DigiCentury is not only an innovator at providing cutting-edge business IT solutions, but also a leading provider for the public sectors. Our team has been providing Capital Program Management (CPM) solutions for the Public Sector (cities, municipalities, and government agencies) and Fortune 500 corporations since 1998. Our involvement with Capital Program Management began in 2000 with the development of a customized solution for the City of Fremont, California which was then delivered in early 2001. This product has now evolved into what is currently known as CIPAce™, a comprehensive Enterprise Application designed specifically for the Public Sector, embedding the best practices from research of more than one hundred Capital Improvement and Maintenance Programs from government agencies. 

In the summer of 2006, the company developed CIPAccess™, as the CIP planning and management solution. In addition, the company established a CPM Business Practice, the consulting arm of our team to work with government agencies in optimizing their abilities to meet the public’s needs. These offerings enable our team to address the needs of the public sector from the small village or town to the Mega metropolis. 

While the foundation of CPM is planning and managing the overall portfolio of capital programs for the city/municipality, a successful CPM requires the ability to consider, evaluate, plan, and manage the budgets that will support these programs and the infrastructure designed to manage them. Company Budget Management Solutions (BMS), CAPAce™ and OPAce™ have been designed to provide the tools required to manage both the Capital and Operating Budgets. 

In today’s environment where the complexities of planning and managing Capital Programs drive the need to be able to optimize the capital program portfolio and their attendant projects from a fiscal, resource and management perspective, solutions such as those provided by our team give the flexibility, scalability and functionality needed by municipalities and government agencies to adapt and respond to the challenges confronting them in meeting the public‘s infrastructure needs. 

In the end, the Public are the focus of our city and municipality government agencies. This is the “community” that defines each of our cities, towns, and villages. They are the group who deserves the best “way of life” that their cities can provide our Corporation and its management team remain committed to continuing support of our municipalities’ efforts to meet the objective of improving our way of life.  It takes a village!