Why Outsourcing?

In this day and age, the question most CIO or IT Managers ask themselves is: Whether it is time to outsource IT projects?  The obvious advantage for outsourcing IT projects is significant of cost saving.  Although IT project outsourcing generally can achieve average savings of 20% ~ 30% comparing to internal development, outsourcing purely for financial reasons is usually not the best bet.  The key to successful outsource IT project is the ability to develop a relationship with an outsourcing firm and leverage the firm’s proven methodology and skill sets to complement your internal capabilities. 


There are many advantages to outsource IT projects depending on your business sizes or industry sector: 

A Virtual IT Shop 

Many small businesses often operate at a disadvantage because they cannot afford to have an internal IT department.  However, small companies still have the same needs for certain IT infrastructures just like large businesses.  Capabilities such as accounting, customer service, and other business systems are often just as critical for small companies.  Outsourcing the development of these services allows small companies to enjoy the same level of software customization as large businesses on a cost-effective basis. 

The DigiCentury Advantage 

DigiCentury project manager and software engineer work in a dynamic project-based environment.  Project manager is assigned base on project need and requirements, and software engineers are also assembled base on project requirements.  Regardless of project type, or job size, DigiCentury can always respond to client requests on a timely and efficient basis.  There is no job too small for DigiCentury.

Always on the Cutting Edge 

Technology nowadays grows leaps and bound, and it seems every so often the software development paradigm changes, or the best-practices for corporate IT project seem to take on a whole new direction.  With every new project, every new implementation, companies need to seek out new employees with additional skill sets.  Most IT shops do not enjoy employees with full sets of skills and often it is not cost efficient to hire base on project needs nor time efficient to train existing employees.  With project outsourcing, companies are able to leverage the latest and greatest technologies and a diverse pool of talents to complement their own IT capabilities.   

The DigiCentury Advantage  

DigiCentury employs software engineers well-versed in diverse sets of skills.  Our engineers also attend workshops and trainings constantly to refresh their knowledge and keep up with the latest in software development.  No matter what skill sets your project requires, DigiCentury can deliver. 

Diverse Knowledge and Experience 

When an IT project is launched internally, it usually involves areas outside of the department’s expert domain.  Significant amount of development cycles usually have to be invested in the learning process.  Since IT outsourcing shops usually developed similar types of applications for many other clients in multiple industries, they already have the know-how and hands-on experience to immediately jump-start your software projects.  Outsourcing project allows you access to experienced software developers and project managers familiar to your space at the fraction of the cost.

The DigiCentury Advantage

DigiCentury developers have tremendous amount of experience developing application for small to mid-size business and large-scale government IT projects.  We also specialize in telephony integration, imaging process, financial process, contact center solutions, customer relationship solutions, geographical information integration, enterprise reporting solutions, platform integrations, electronic data exchange integrations, and many others. 

Rapid Project Development 

Bulk of the IT projects development time is spent on planning, researching, and project management.  To be fully prepared for a new project, for most IT shops it is necessary to conduct multiple studies, create comprehensive plans, and allocate additional slacks into different phases of the project to ensure success.  With outsourcing it is possible to sometimes reduce the project development time by more than 50% because outsourcing shops often follows pre-established methodologies and standard industry best practices.  Outsourcing firms also have extended domain knowledge that applies to your industry and needs, thus achieving speedier project development cycles. 

The DigiCentury Advantage

DigiCentury follows the CMMI development frameworks and standard Project Management Institute best practices.  With Certified Project Managers managing, combined with internally developed rapid application development procedures, DigiCentury can deliver your IT solutions in the shortest turnaround cycle. 

Cost Benefit 

Software Engineer cost in United States is increasingly on the rise; with average software engineer salary at $5000 – $9000 a month, it is becoming increasingly expensive to IT shop of any size to fully staff complete set of talents.  Software engineers abroad generally have superior skills at a fraction of the cost, allowing outsourcing to be an extremely preferable option for IT project development of all sizes and scopes.  Companies large and small are increasingly pursuing outsourcing as a viable option for internal software projects. 

The DigiCentury Advantage  

DigiCentury employs only the best and brightest software engineer in Guangzhou – the city with the most competitive software talents in China.  Our project managers and software architects, however, are all US-based with education in United States.  Therefore, DigiCentury enables your company to enjoy the lowered cost of software outsourcing without sacrifice quality of development.